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Edible Flowers

Flowers aren’t just for beautiful dining table centerpieces anymore! For all you “foodies” out there, who also love flowers, are you aware that there are numerous blooms that are not only edible but also delicious? Flowers make a striking, colorful, textural and flavorful addition to soups, salads, baked goods and more. Safety First There are […]

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Creating and Maintaining a Terrarium

Terrariums – Creating and Maintaining Choose an open container that will fit your needs, and choose plants that are compatible in lighting, watering, and humidity needs. Your plant foundation will consist of four layers: Bottom Layer (Drainage) – pebbles, pea gravel, or very coarse sand. On top of Bottom Layer – spread a thin layer […]

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Seed Starting and Companion Planting

Saturday, February 17, 1:00 pm Get a head start on planning your spring and summer garden. Learn about  companion planting and learn different methods for seed starting. At the end of the class you’ll receive a small seed starting tray and some seeds to start. A $10.00 nonrefundable fee due at registration. Click here to […]

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