Birdfeed Club

The following qualify for our birdfeed program:

Bird Song Mix – 20lb and 40lb
Preferred Delight – 20lb and 40lb
Cardinal Supreme – 30lb

Now carrying Wild Delight!

Woodpecker, Nuthatch, N’ Chickadee – 5lb

Bugs N’ Berries – 4.5lb

Sizzle N’ Heat – 5lb

Deck, Porch, N’ Patio – 5lb

Cardinal Food – 7lb

Special Finch Food – 5lb


We also carry the following:

Black Oil Sunflower – 25lb and 50lb
Stripe Sunflower – 25lb
Safflower – 25lb
Nyjer (Thistle) – $1.49lb
Suet Cake
Whole & Cracked Corn
Full line of feeders and accessories