Proven Winner Perennials for 2022!

We grow over 6,000 perennials (many Proven Winners) that include bulbs, bare roots and plugs. We begin with quality products from quality vendors. Our growing crew uses only excellent soil and carefully monitors light conditions, temperature and moisture levels. Dammann’s remains cognizant of the fact that not all perennials are alike and will require different care. When purchasing our perennials, you can be assured that they are well rooted and ready for your garden.

Achillea ‘Firefly Sunshine’ – This tall Yarrow hybrid boasts wonderful summer long color that does not fade! Upright habit (over 2 feet tall!) of vibrant yellow against dark green foliage. Blooms all summer and is great both cut and dried for arrangements. 2020





Allium ‘Serendipity’- A new twist on an old classic! This Allium boasts rosy-purple globes atop grey green foliage. Tolerates a wide range of soil and thrives on neglect. A great late season bloomer for pollinator gardens and beds. Full sun to partial sun. Fragrant flowers and foliage are deer resistant. 2020





amsonia_stormcloudAmsonia ‘Storm Cloud’ –An attractive perennial that makes an outstanding specimen plant. Olive green foliage; long blooming, light blue star shaped flowers. Blooms in late spring to early summer. Easy to care for. *Native Variety*

Sun to Part Shade.





Aruncus ‘Chantilly Lace’**Out of Stock** – This part shade-loving plant produces beautiful sprays of lacy, cream-colored flowers in late spring to early summer.  It is very floriferous when in bloom, completely covering the deep green foliage.  Goatsbeard is similar in appearance to Astilbe in the garden, but more drought tolerant.





Decadence® Deluxe Pink Truffles False Indigo Baptisia hybrid *New 2021*- Soft pink flowers appears atop the compact clump of deep blue-green foliage in spring. The flowers lighten to lavender with age. Smaller size; well-suited to urban landscapes. 54 inches high by 48 inches wide. The largest of the Decadence® series that we offer.





Decadence® ‘Sparkling Sapphires’ False Indigo Baptisia hybrid *New 2021*Vivid violet blue flowers appear atop a compact, upright clump of deep blue-green foliage in spring. Smaller size; well-suited to urban landscapes. 3 feet by 3 feet at maturity.






Decadence® ‘Vanilla Cream’ False Indigo Baptisia hybrid *New 2021*- Pastel yellow buds open to creamy vanilla flowers atop the compact clump of grey-green foliage which emerges bronze in spring. Smaller size; well-suited to urban landscapes. 36 inches tall by 42 inches wde.






Brunnera ‘Queen of Hearts’ – A large heart-leafed Brunnera also know as Sibieran Bugloss. A mounding shade lover that is graced with petite forget-me-not blue flowers in late spring. Cold hardy and both deer and rabbit resistant. Member of the Borage family. Not suggested for flamingo croquet courses. 2020






Fruit Punch® ‘Classic Coral’ Pinks Dianthus *New 2021*- This colorful perennial produces fragrant, double coral pink blossoms atop a tight, compact mound of blue-green foliage. Use it to edge sunny borders and pathways. 8 to 10 inches tall and just over a foot wide. Heat and salt tolerance make it great along entry ways. Pairs well with “Denim and lace Peroveskia’  and yellow daylilies.




Dianthus ‘Fruit Punch® “Marashino”‘- A sweet smelling member of the carnation family. This multi-petaled beauty boasts vibrant cherry red blooms with burgundy halos. Great for borders and cut gardens. Foliage is an icy green-blue and accents the garden beautifully even when not in bloom. Enjoys full to part sun and well-drained soil. Not suggested near irrigation. 2020




Echinacea Color Coded ‘Yellow My Darling’- A canary yellow Cone Flower with an up right habit. Large seed heads attract song birds and are great for pollinators. 2 feet tall at maturity, enjoys full sun and are drought tolerant one established. *Native Hybrid* 2020




Fern- Athyrium ‘Crested Surf**Not Available 2021**’-Proven Winners first fern to be added to the series. A Japanese Painted Fern with double crested tips and deep coloration. Great filler, it fits perfectly in the middle border and thrives is partial to dense shade. Sprawls to 2.5 feet tall and wide, enjoys moist soils . Avoid winter trimming til spring growths appears.2020



‘Tuscan Sun’ Perennial Sunflower Heliopsis helianthoides- Most compact Heliopsis available, more controllable in the landscape; bright yellow flowers bloom even in the heat. Award winning native that is perfect pick me up. 36 inches tall by 24 inches wide.





Heuchera Dolce® “Appletini” -Medium sized, lime green leaves have a silver overlay and form a dense mound of foliage. Dark rose red stems hold rich ruby red flowers. Shade to part shade.

Salt Tolerant

Native to North America



Heuchera Dolce® ‘Cherry Truffles’-*New 2019* A twist on the classic Cinnamon Curls™.




Heuchera Dolce® ‘Wildberry’-  Get a splash of purple in your garden! Large, scalloped, incredibly glossy leaves are a bold shade of purple. Charcoal veins accent the leaves. Dark stems hold rosy pink calyxes and white flowers. Color is more vibrant and true purple than “Wild Rose” and is perfect for sun or shade. Pollinator Friendly.* North American Native* Height 10 – 14″ Spread 16 – 20″




Heuchera ‘Wild Rose’ –  This easily distinguishable Heuchera forms a dense habit of large, bright rosy purple leaves with deep charcoal gray veining. The prominent dark veining really causes the foliage color pop, making it a great choice for shade; it’s a perfect companion plant to the dark-leafed ‘Black Pearl’. Upright, dark burgundy rose flower scapes have matching dark buds that open to rosy pink flowers. Growing in the landscape. Sun to Shade;  8-10” Tall.*native*



Heuchera Primo® ‘Black Pearl’ -*2018 Perennial of the Year!* A unique new heuchera with jet black ruffled leaves with rosy pink undersides. Flowers are white with a pink cast.  Keeps its’ intense black color even in the sun. Full Sun to Full Shade. *native*




Primo® ‘Peachberry Ice’ Coral Bells- A beautiful option for adding orange to your shade garden! Large, apricot orange leaves have a silver overlay, beautifully pronounced ruffling, and bright pink undersides. Leaves mellow in warmer months. Cream flowers. Grows 8 to 10 inches tall by 30 inches wide. Partial sun in northern areas.







Heuchera Primo® ‘Mahogany Monster’**Out of Sock**– The name says it all! Massive glossy, mahogany red leaves form a substantial clump of foliage. Large burgundy flower stems hold light pink buds with cream flowers. Blooms in midsummer.  Salt tolerant, trim foliage back in early spring. *Native* 2020





Huecheralla Fun and Games® “Eye Spy”- This easy-to-grow perennial is prized for its attractive foliage and its bubblegum pink flowers that bloom for many weeks. Amber yellow spring foliage has deep rose centers and mellow to chartreuse green with a silver overlay. Native Hybrind 10″ by 20″. Shade to Part Shade 6 hrs or less of sun.






Heucherella ‘Hopscotch’ – Lobed leaves add a lacy texture to the garden. Bright red leaves in May mellow to a deep green in summer. A vigorous grower with good heat and humidity resistance. Full Sun to Full Shade.*native*





Hibiscus Summerific® ‘Cherry Choco Latte’ – *New 2019* Attractive bronze foliage adds extra interest to this sweet-thoothed, coffee-lover inspired perennial Hibiscus. A member of the Rose Mallow family this decadent beauty features large 8″-9″ 3D blossoms with rich pink veining upon creme and strawberry petals. A dark cherry center completes the deal, making this compact dessert err…. delight perfect for mass and corner plantings. 4 feet at maturity and blooms mid summer. *Native*



Summerific® ‘Evening Rose’ Rose Mallow *New 2021*- Huge 8”, puckered hot pink flowers cover a round, dense habit of near black foliage. A must have statement piece for your garden! 48 inches tall by 50 inches wide. bog plant enjoyed  bees and hummingbirds.








Hosta Shadowland® ‘Autumn Frost’-This striking Hosta forms a medium sized mound of showy, frosty blue leaves with extra wide, bright yellow margins. The margins lighten to creamy white and light lavender flowers are produced in summer. grows 12″ tall and 16-24″ wide. use as a specimen or in mass. Clean and trim off foliage after first winter frost for best results.





Hosta Shadowland®Coast to Coast”Let me BRIGHTEN your MORNING.This striking hosta forms a giant clump of thick, puckered, gold leaves with wavy edges. Gold coloring becomes brighter in morning sun in summer. Pale violet flowers. 30 in by 36 in and enjoys full to part shade.






Lavandula angustifolia ‘Sweet Romance®’- destined to become a favorite because of its ability to bloom the first year. Additionally, it begins to flower a bit earlier in the season, typically in early summer and lasting into early fall.The grey-green foliage forms a compact mound topped with plump, rich violet purple flower wands that are perfect for cutting for fresh and dried bouquets. Clusters of tiny flowers appear at the nodes up the stem in addition to the terminal inflorescence, adding color down into the plant. Full sun likes poor soils types 18″ by 18″ at maturity. English type, perfect for patios, attracts pollinator, deters deer and mosquitoes.




Monarda didyma: ‘Pardon My Purple’ Bee Balm- It’s nature AND nurture. Tuck this sweet and petite perennial into the front of your flower border where it will create a colorful edge of fuchsia purple flowers in high summer. Butterflies adore it! A foot tall and wide at maturity. Deters mosquitoes with fragrant flowers and leaves. North American Native





‘Pardon My Cerise’ Bee Balm *New 2021*- Create a colorful edge of dark cherry pink flowers in high summer. Butterflies adore it! Bee and hummingbird friendly yet deer resistant. 18 inches high by just over a foot wide. Great mildew resistance on this North American Cultivar. Part to full sun (6hrs of sun or more!)








Nepeta-‘Cat’s Pajamas’ Catmint- A long blooming perennial that’s perfect in small areas of the landscape. Indigo blue flowers are produced all the way from the soil to the tips, providing an intense splash of color when it’s in bloom. Rosy purple calyxes extend the color when the blooms are past peak. A designer favorite; rugged and forgiving benefits from a mid-season hair cut (mower friendly). Pollinator attractor. 14″ tall by 20″ wide. Over 100 in stock!



‘Drops of Jupiter’ Ornamental Oregano *New 2021* – This ornamental variety enjoys full sun and works great in landscapes and containers. Chartreuse yellow leaves are topped with mauve pink flowers starting later in the summer. The leaves are edible, with less intense flavor than the typical oregano varieties. drought tolerant and upright. Reaches 24 inches by 36 inches in the garden.








Phlox ‘Opening Act® White’ – Long blooming, pure white flowers with dark green glossy mildew resistant foliage. Full Sun.







Phlox Opening Act® ‘Ultra Pink’ – New 2020 –This early blooming Phlox will add a long season of color to your garden with its fluoresecent rose pink flowers. Overall, it looks light pink. The dark green, glossy foliage is mildew and disease resistant. 2 ft tall by 3 ft wide at maturity. Attracts pollinators. Native Variety.





purple Phlox Opening ActPhlox ‘Opening Act® Blush’ – Light lavender to pink flowers that bloom earlier than most phlox for a longer season of color.  Dark green foliage is mildew resistant. Sporadic reblooming into early fall. Full Sun.






Phlox Opening Act®  ‘Pink-a-dot’– This naturally dwarf, early blooming Phlox will add a long season of color to your garden. Near white flowers have a dark pink, central star pattern. The dark green, glossy foliage is mildew and disease resistant. Fragrant, pollinator friendly and deer resistant.  22 to 26 inches tall and wide.






Phlox ‘Cloudburst’ – Dark purple buds open to lavender purple flowers with bright pink eyes that cover a broad, mounding, billowy habit. The flowers cover the plant nearly all the way to the ground starting early summer and continue to bloom all summer long. Frustrated with mildew on your Tall Garden PhloxCloudburst‘ has excellent disease resistance; with broad, glossy, dark green leaves staying clean all summer long. 28” Tall.





Perovoski ‘Denim and Lace’ – *2020 Perennial of the Year!*           A tall perennial with strong stems and an upright habit. Lacy like bright sky blue flower. Long blooming season with great color from midsummer to fall. Full Sun







Photos Courtesy of Proven Winners