About Us

26Dammann’s Garden Center is locally owned and operated.  The owners and employees at Dammann’s all work, live, and pay taxes in the Indianapolis area.  Most of the money you spend here stays here.  We think this is a good thing.

Most hanging baskets, flowers, vegetables and planters you purchases here are cultivated and grown at our greenhouse facility on Rockville Road.  And even though many of our trees and shrubs are brought in from out of state, they are American made (grown) and upgraded and cared for here in the State of Indiana.  We are proud of this.

We realize the importance our local economy plays in each of our lives.  We make every effort to purchase all of our services and supplies from other businesses like ours, here in Indianapolis and Indiana.  So when you purchase an item from us, you can be sure it is helping a friend, a brother, a cousin or neighbor right here in our community.  We hope this makes you feel good and proud.  We sincerely appreciate your business.

Jim Dammann,,Jr.