Ornamental Grass List

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79f4bd818471d022aa354f3ed11369aaBig Bluestem sp.

This prairie giant can get up to 6' making it perfect for mixed beds, foundation and native plantings. Late summer and fall ignite it in flaming reds and purples. A native that does well in full to partial sun in zones 3-9.

deta-2650Little Bluestem 'Smoke Signal'

New for 2017! A colorful native starting out a soft grey blue and transitioning into reds by the end of summer, then into a robust smokey violet for fall. An average size of 4' by 2' makes it versatile in both containers and gardens. Very easy to care for and perfect for full to partial sun locations in zones 3-9.

imagesCarex 'Banana Boat'

A lovely mounding sedge with inch wide leaves of gold accented with bright green edges. Sure to brighten up the dullest shade garden it loves full to partial shade. Only a foot wide and high, its perfect for small spaces and containers. Grows best in zones 5-9.

Bowles Golden Sedge

Carex 'Bowles Golden'

Discovered in the Norfolk Broads, of the UK, `Bowles Golden' is named for its famous discoverer E.A. Bowles and is characterized by brilliant yellow leaves longitudinally thin green striped. Most colorful in constantly moist soil in the coolest part of the garden, it may become lime green in too much shade or burn if too dry and hot. Its subtle lime green floral spikes are borne early spring and soon become buried under its lovely foliage. Clump forming; average height 18 inches.

Everest SedgeCarex 'Everest' 

'Everest' makes a bold statement as a container plant or as a filler plant in the landscape. The distinctive white striped foliage and the healthy growth rate makes a superb, easy to manage ground-cover plant and will add bright color to moist, shady areas in the landscape, great for naturalizing or mass border planting. The foliage is evergreen, providing year-round interest among companions such as ferns, Cimicifuga, Ligularia, and other ornamental grasses. Slow spreading habit; average height 15 in.  Spacing 15-18 in apart.

caid_0_carex_ice-danceCarex 'Ice Dance'

A semi-evergreen variety, its edges shimmer with an icy stripe of white. Great as a ground cover or border due to diminutive size. Best in partial shade with a common garden size of 12" by 20".  Zones 5-9.

Clumping Bamboo

Clumping Bamboo

Non-running, clump-forming, vigorous, and cold hardy, 'F. Rufa' is an exciting evergreen specimen, accent plant when grouped, or effective hedge or screen. It is clothed in attractive shiny green foliage, has the habit of a fountain, and in maturity can form clumps reaching 8 feet across. It prefers organically rich soils, but does well in most slightly acidic well drained soils.

Fall Blooming Feather Reed Grass

Feather Reed Grass - Fall Blooming

Feather reed grass leafs out early and spends the spring and summer as a pleasing clump of upright to arching rich green foliage. But the real action occurs in fall when the light green pink blushed flower spikes unfurl in a glorious display of season punctuating color. And yet, the display does not stop here. The flowers and foliage, which matures to bright yellow, persist well into the winter months adding interest and vertical dimension to the otherwise dreary wintertime landscape. Clump forming; average height 18 inches.

Boulder Blue Fescue

Fescue 'Boulder Blue' 

Shorter than 'Elijah Blue', but foliage every bit as bright blue, this is extremely attractive dwarf form that tolerates heat and humidity, and is exceptional for its foliage and late spring/early summer-borne, soft gray-blue flowers which dry nicely and are carried well into the summer season.  Clump forming; average height 8 inches.

7176dfe67a7d2901436a26ad991f6643Fescue 'Blue Wiskers'

New for 2017! An improved variety with better color retention and a covering of blooms- this is a go to border and container grass! Only averaging 12" in height with a width of 28" this little one enjoys full sun to partial shade and is deer resistant. Clumping and evergreen, it does best in zones 4-8.

Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass

Dwarf Fountain Grass 'Hameln' 

The flower spikes are 3" to 4" long, pale green in mid-summer, and mature creamy tan. Best in moist, fertile, well drained soils, but tolerates a wide range of soil conditions. Popular for mass planting or accent, where a neat, compact, low maintenance plant is desired.  Clump forming; average height 2.5 ft.

Little Bunny Fountain Grass

Fountain Grass 'Little Bunny' 

The smallest fountain grass, 'Little Bunny' is aptly named for its soft textured foliage and fuzzy late summer, fall-borne floral spikes. It needs virtually no care and is excellent as a ground cover or foreground plant to other grasses and fall blooming perennials. Clump forming; average height 10 inches.

Black Flowered Fountain Grass

Fountain Grass 'Black Flowered'

Drought tolerant, reliable, and attractive even not in flower,  Black colored plumes emerge late Summer into early Fall.  Attractive as a single specimen or hedge.  Clump forming; average height 2.5 ft.

Karley Rose Oriental Fountain Grass

Oriental Fountain Grass 'Karley Rose'

Throughout the growing season it is clothed in gently arching vibrant green foliage. Then, during mid to late summer and through fall it sends up an amazingly showy display of softly rose colored fuzzy foxtail plumes.  Clump forming; average height 3 ft. Needs mulch ring for winter.

Japanese Forest Grass

Japanese Forest Grass

one of the most graceful of all slow spreading grasses. With lovely drooping foliage arranged in neat parallel rows, it looks like a bamboo and is an essential element of the Japanese theme garden. Hakone grass bears small greenish yellow flowers during late summer and fall.  Clump forming; average height 14 inches.

Golden Leaved Japanese Forest Grass

Golden-leaved Japanese Forest Grass

Prefers a moist, organically rich, moderately acidic to slightly alkaline soil and spreads at a slow pace. Its yellowish to green spike-like flowers are carried above the foliage from late summer to early fall.  Clump forming; average height 14 inches.

Japanese Blood Grass

Japanese Blood Grass

No other plant displays such bright red leaves as Japanese blood grass. Deciduous and emerging green in spring, as the season progresses the leaf-tips, then the rest of the blades, become wine red before changing to deep blood red by fall. A natural for lending strong color contrast, Japanese blood grass can be used in small clumps or large sweeping masses. It seldom if ever flowers, spreads at a slow pace, needs little maintenance, and does best in well drained moisture retentive soils. Spreading Habit; average height 2 ft.

Adagio japanese silver grass

Japanese Silver Grass 'Adagio'

Tough, drought-tolerant, and hardy, this superb cultivar is exceptional. Not only is it dwarf and compact, making it excellent in the smaller landscape, it gives a lovely display of narrow, silvery-gray foliage topped during early fall by pink florets that turn white in maturity. Clump forming; average height 3 ft.

Cabaret Japanese Silver Grass

Japanese Silver Grass `Cabaret'

Displays big bold broad leaves with wide creamy white center stripes and bright green margins prompting claims that this is the most spectacular of all variegated Silver grasses.  Clump forming; average height 5.5 ft.

Cosmopolitan Japanes Silver Grass

Japanese Silver Grass 'Cosmopolitan' 

Among the most impressive of all variegated grasses. Its substantial foliage is exceptionally wide and marked with vibrant creamy white and dark green longitudinal striping. Flowering during early fall, it produces broad silvery plumes. Clump forming; average height 7 ft.

Dixieland Japanese Silver Grass

Japanese Silver Grass `Dixieland' 

A dwarf form of `Silver Arrow' with broad leaved bright white and green streaked foliage. A compact upright grower that never flops over, this is an excellent choice for the smaller garden and for use as a low hedge or screen. It flowers during early fall with burgundy plumes.  Clump forming; average height 3.5 ft.

Little Kitten Japanese Silver Grass

Japanese Silver Grass 'Little Kitten' -The tiniest of the silver grasses, it is exceptionally small, and therefore an excellent choice as a dwarf hedge, accent plant, or perennial-garden specimen. Its narrow leaves are attractive as well as its early fall-borne flowers. Clump forming; average height 2.5 ft.

Morning Light Japanese Silver Grass

 Japanese Silver Grass 'Morning Light'

Easy to grow and adds interest to the winter landscape. This is a late fall-bloomer that is appreciated mainly for its foliage. Its purplish silvery plumes are narrow and produced slightly above the foliage.  Clump forming; average height 4.5 ft.

Porcupine Japanese Silver Grass

Japanese Silver Grass 'Porcupine'

Compact and clump forming, this selection is neat and easily managed. Its foliage is interesting for its display of bright yellow one inch horizontal bands between bands of bright vibrant green. Flowering is just as impressive. Beginning in September (and remaining through the winter months), the plumes of porcupine grass are coppery silver and silky textured, then during fall dry to a soft fluffy tan. Clump forming; average height 5.5 ft.

White Variegated Japanese Silver Grass

 Japanese Silver Grass 'Alba Varigata'

 A striking selection, white variegated Japanese silver grass is outstanding as a specimen or in clusters. Cultivated since 1900, this popular cultivar is named for its vibrant white and green striped foliage. Thrives in most any soil and puts on a nice display of first reddish then silver, fall-borne flowers. Clump forming; average height 6 ft.

Big Kahuna Japanese Silver Grass

Japanese Silver Grass 'Big Kahuna™' 

 magnificent tropical looking selection with broad, white centered, mid green foliage. Stands alone as a specimen and makes a dramatic statement in the landscape. You can use it as a commanding border backdrop, hedge, or screen, and it is remarkably quick to mature. Blooms in September and October, and bears broad silvery-white plumes. Spreading habit; average height 9 ft.

Narrow leaved Japanese Silver Grass

Maiden Grass

Overall, this narrow leaved grass s compact and forms lovely vase shaped clumps. It is tolerant of dry soils, yet will withstand having its roots immersed in water for short periods of time.  Clump forming; average height 5 ft.

Northern Sea Oats

Northern Sea Oats- Native to wooded slopes and moist thickets of  North America, northern sea oats are one of our most endearing harbingers of autumn, and is one of the few grasses that performs well in shade. Especially valuable for its flattened fishscale-shaped dangling floral spikelets, these first appear pale green in midsummer before changing to reddish brown then maturing to soft tan during fall. They are carried upon thin nodding stems, well above its fresh vibrant green foliage, and dry nicely - therefore contributing to winter effect. Hardy and long lived, northern sea oats is a superb ground cover and accent plant.  Clump forming; average height 3 ft.

River Mist Northern Sea OatsNorthern Sea Oats 'River Mist' 

Represents the first variegated selection of this popular species. Like regular northern sea oats, 'River Mist' has the same bamboolike habit and look, but in this case its foliage is a combined bright green with white striping. The flowers, like the parent species, are flattened, initially green, and mature to soft tan. They look like little fish, dry well, and are terrific in arrangements. 'River Mist' is a real bright spot in the landscape and performs well in wooded and well as full sun settings. It is excellent in mass plantings, as an accent, edging, or companion.  Clump forming; average height 2 ft.

Plume Grass

Plume Grass

Tall and robust, Ravennae grass is exceptional for its height and late season floral display. Large plumes are borne during late summer on upright stalks and ascend to 12 feet. It is excellent as a specimen or hedge, and needs well-drained sandy soil for best growth.

Moorflamme Purple Moor Grass

Purple Moor Grass 'Moorflamme'

A fabulous compact growing selection with rich green leaves that color orange-red during fall. A fine bloomer with its spiky seed heads carried in a tight symmetrical vase shape during late summer and fall. Perfect for miniature gardens or even in a container garden. Clump forming; average height 1.75 ft.

Heavy Metal Switch Grass

Switch Grass 'Heavy Metal' 

Rock On! A unique variation upon our sprawling native prairie species, this unusual selection is interesting for its neat compact upright habit and unusual metallic blue foliage. Then, during late summer it becomes even more interesting as its open panicles of purple florets unfurl above the foliar mass. Finally, during fall, the leaves turn a pleasant shade of yellow. Clump forming; average height 3.5 ft.

Northwind Switch Grass

Switch Grass 'Northwind'

Standing upright with tight vase shaped habit, through the strongest winds, 'Northwind' is drought tolerant, colored rich blue green, and during late summer and fall bears lovely upright floral spikes. Clump forming; average height 5 ft.

Red Switch GrassSwitch Grass 'Rotstrahlbusch'

With upright broad vase shaped habit and spread of 3 feet, this popular drought tolerant selection displays attractive medium grayish green foliage during the growing season and interesting open airy flower panicles in mid summer - which persists through fall and well into winter. Then in fall the leaves turn bright red and later dry to a tan brown and persist this way through the winter months.  Clump forming; average height 3 ft.

Shenandoah Switch Grass

Switch Grass 'Shenandoah'

Considered a taller more durable substitute for Blood grass as its foliage becomes red by June and more intensely colored as the season progresses. Also, this grass is not going to spread.  Clump forming; average height 3 ft.

Little Zebra Dwarf Zebra Grass

Dwarf Zebra Grass 'Little Zebra' 

Discovered by Tom Walsh this miniature zebra grass holds its green and yellow banding all season. This makes it a superior selection as other varieties often fade to all green during the summer months.It flowers during late summer with reddish purple plumes. Clump forming; average height 3 ft.

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