Dear Valued Customer:  Our Air Plants/Tillandsia are in at our West store!

Tillandsias are inexpensive, low maintenance plants that only require water. Architecturally beautiful in and out of bloom, these plants are native to the forests, mountains and deserts of Central and South America, the southern United States and the West Indies. Great for dish gardens and open terrariums, tillandsias are also used in creative ways in frames, peaking out of driftwood, or suspended in mid-air. Varieties are chosen by availability and may differ from those pictured. Air Plants are unique and very low maintenance!

Tillandsia varieties available:



Ionantha Huamelula, a great cultivar of Ionantha, grows to be fairly large and has a beautiful bright red color when it blooms.







Ionantha Red  is from Nicaragua. The silvery base is quite pretty and the intense violet flowers magnificent. When about to bloom, the plant turns bright red.








Ionantha Ball, same as above. Plants  are in dense bundles or balls.







Caput Medusae from Mexico and Costa Rica. Its suggestive name describes perfectly the impression of Medusa’s locks.








Festucoides Red has a soft grassy texture. Similiar in look to Juncea, yet much more flexible and soft.








Brachycaulos, a compact plant from dry forests of Mexico, Venezuela and Panama. Produces many medium-sized leaves, from 15 to 20 cm long. They take on a strong red tint when the plant blooms.







Bulbosa Guatemala, a plant with a large distribution, growing in Central America and in the neighboring countries. Variable in terms of size, it is very ornamental, with its thick and tortuous leaves, and its reddening inflorescence.