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Living Christmas Trees

Live Christmas trees are a wonderful way to enjoy the upcoming holiday without having to throw out your tree! We have some nice evergreens still available at our stores! If you are planning on purchasing a Christmas tree with the intent of bringing inside and planting after Christmas, please do the following to help maintain a viable tree:
1. Dig sufficient hole at site while ground is still workable (I/3 bigger than the size of the root ball).

2. Cover hole with board to prevent accident; keep soil from hole in garage to prevent from freezing for later use with planting (We recommend 1/3rd loam soil to 2/3rd native soil when planting.  Typically one bag is enough.)

3. Buy 10-12 days before Christmas; acclimate in garage or covered building for 2-3 days before moving inside.  (Shock caused by extreme temperature fluctuations can cause serious problems for living trees.)

4.Move indoors (away from heat vents) no more than 10 days before Christmas.  (The less time indoors, the better!)

5. Apply adequate moisture to ball/pot by monitoring with a moisture meter or your fingers.

6. Immediately after Christmas, move back into garage for 2-3 days to acclimate your tree back to the cold.

7. Plant your beautiful Christmas tree and enjoy!