Monthly Archives: October 2023

Fall Clearance Sale

The Fall Clearance Sale is on with enormous savings on trees, shrubs, roses, ornamental grasses, perennials. Now is the Time to Plant! Warm days and Cool Nights provide the ideal growing environment.  Here are a few tips for seeing your late-season plantings through the winter:

  • Avoid stimulating growth: Don’t fertilize or overly amend the soil. You can add Fertilome Root Stimulator to stimulate root growth, but hold off on fertilizer until spring.
  • Don’t disturb the plant: Avoid pruning, and be very gentle with the roots while planting.
  • Keep plants watered: The worst part of cold damage is caused by desiccation, or drying out. Keep new plants watered every week or two until the ground freezes, and especially right before a heavy freeze.
  • Watch out for frost heaving: Make sure the plants stay firmly plants when the ground freezes.
  • Apply Mulch: Add mulch to keep newly planted shrubs insulated. If you’re planting cold-sensitive trees or shrubs, you can add extra protection by wrapping or banking the plants with burlap or leaves on cold nights. Be sure to uncover in the morning.
  • Wilt Stop:  Use Wilt Stop, an anti-transpirant, to prevent transplant shock and winter kill.