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Rose List

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"All Dressed Up™" - Weeks Roses

Every day can be a formal occasion with All Dressed Up in your garden. Long lasting and non-fading medium pink blossoms on long stems are perfect for cutting and add style and sophistication to the garden or table. Blooms are cupped and old-fashioned with a mild tea fragrance. Full Sun, Partial Shade. Height/Habit: 4.5 - 5 feet. Spread: 36 - 48 inches.

"The Alnwick®" English Shrub Rose - David Austin Roses

Pretty, rich pink, cup-shaped buds gradually open to broad, full-petalled, shallow cups. The fully open blooms are soft pink and have an Old Rose scent, with just a hint of raspberry. The growth is bushy and relatively upright. Full sunlight. All soil types. 4 ft tall. 3 ft wide.

"America™" Climbing Rose - Star Roses

Award winning, fast growing, very vigorous climber that boasts tons of perfectly shaped coral flowers through the season. Very fragrant, which is a rare treat in modern climbers. Full sun. Grows to climb 10-12'.


"Anna's Promise®" - Weeks Roses

Anna's Promise praises the true heart and steadfast love that transcends the trials and tribulations endured by Downton Abbey's character Anna Bates. The unique color combination of golden petals with a pink blush and glowing bronze reverse is a fitting representation of Anna's character. Elegant blossoms surrounded by glossy, green foliage, exude a spicy, fruit fragrance. This graceful plant includes strong blossom stems for bouquets in the parlor. Well clothed with deep glossy green foliage. Grows very upright, 5-6' tall, 4' wide.

"Apricot Candy™" Hybrid Tea Rose - Star Roses

The ruffled edged petals contrast nicely with the soft green foliage. A good performer on both coasts—above average resistance to diseases. Full sun. Upright, 5–5½' h x 2–3' w.

"Arctic Blue" - Weeks Roses 

Lilac-lavender w/cream reverse, exceptionally drought tolerant, moderate fruit fragrance, 4-5 feet tall x 3-4 feet wide, medium blooms with a double form.

"Bathsheba™" - David Austin Roses

Apricot-yellow buds open to shallowly cupped, many petalled rosettes. They are a beautiful blend of subtle apricot-pink and soft yellow, giving the overall impression of apricot, with creamy outer petals. There is a superb floral myrrh fragrance, with hints of honey and Tea. It forms a short, vigorous climber. Full sunlight, any soil type. Climbs about 10 ft. 

"Belinda's Blush"

You'll experience love at first blush with the huge, apple-pink blooms of Belinda's Blush. This nearly-thornless shrub rose offers globular blooms packed with twenty-five to forty petals on each bloom, and spreading three inches across. Belinda's Blush is a color sport of a popular line of shrub roses bred for their disease resistance and prolific blooms. Has creamy, light-pink color, touched with yellow undertones. You'll love the raspberry-like fruity fragrance, too, and you'll find that the aroma makes Belinda's Blush an even more amazing cut flower. Full Sun. Height/Habit 4 - 6 feet. Spread: 38 - 42 inches.

"Best Kept Secret™" Hybrid Tea Rose - Star Roses

Best Kept Secret™ displays an exhibition type flower on a very compact plant. It has great, dark green, glossy foliage, and a strong citrusy fragrance. Excellent disease resistance for rust and mildew. Full sun. Compact, Bushy, 4' h x 2–3' w.

"Black Baccara®" Hybrid Tea Rose - Star Roses

The world renowned Meilland International bred this one-of-a-kind Hybrid Tea. The velvety texture of the petals and unique color will be an instant success in your garden. A wonderful addition to any cutting garden, this rose is sure to stand out. Will last up to two weeks in a vase. Full sun. Upright, 3–6' h x 2–3' w.

"Blaze Improved" 

The most popular climbing rose. Produces abundant clusters of pure red flowers. Blooms on new and old wood. Proven consistent performer. Climbing canes 12-14 ft.

"Blue Girl" Hybrid Tea Rose - Star Roses

In the realm of lavender roses this girl is actually closer to the unattainable goal of the “true blue” rose than most others. Her clean, pale color comes as close as it gets. Nice, fruity fragrance and long stems make it perfect for cutting. More vigorous than most of its kind. Full sun. Bushy, Medium, 2½–3' h x 2' w.

"Boscobel" - David Austin Roses

Red buds open to beautifully formed, upward-facing, coral-pink rosettes. Small petals of varying shades mingle to provide a most pleasing effect. The myrrh fragrance has delicious hints of hawthorn, elderflower, pear and almond. It forms an upright shrub. Full sunlight. Grows to 4 ft tall and 4 ft wide.

"Burst of Joy™" - Weeks Roses

Truly vibrant color is a tough goal in grandiflora hybridization. Making that color hold up well is even harder to achieve. All of that plus good disease resistance is incredibly difficult. So when Burst of Joy™ totally delivered in all of those qualities, the name came really easily. Even in hotter environments, the bright bicolor holds on really well. It eventually turns a pretty coral, still with that yellow reverse. The bloom shape is classic and well–formed. You'll get more stems with just one flower than you would on most floribundas, it's almost like a hybrid tea flower on a compact floribunda habit. In fact, it's compact enough that it can be used in a large patio pot. The disease resistance, though average for modern grandifloras, is pretty remarkable for one with such an exotic bloom color. Full Sun. Height/Habit: 4 - 5 feet. Spread: 4 - 5 feet.

"Celestial Night™" - Weeks Roses

Introducing a newcomer that is sure to make a name for itself in the gardening world—Celestial Night™. Very rare in a purple variety, it displays resistance to the diseases that can plague rose growers and cause reduced flower production and shorter blooming periods. With Celestial Night, you get an abundance of big, double ruffled blooms of deep plum-purple on a hardy, rounded plant. In fact, the roses are so full and vibrant, they can easily be seen from a distance. Its pleasing, subtle fragrance makes it an exceptional landscape rose. Also makes a superb addition to fresh arrangements. Full Sun, Partial Shade. Height/Habit: 36 - 48 inches. Spread: 24 - 36 inches.

"Ch-Ching!™" - Weeks Roses

With this color sport (mutation) of Strike It Rich, our 2007 AARS winner, you can hit the jackpot again. It cashes in with all the same great plant qualities—same super vigorous bushy clean plant that flowers like a weed & smells up a storm. But it's just a different color—a clear long-lasting even glowing yellow. Very deep red new shoots & dark green leaves set off the many showy clusters of blossoms. Medium-tall. Growth Habit: Upright, bushy. Plant Height" 5¾ to 6.5 feet.

"Chantilly Cream™" - Weeks Roses

Here's a classic hybrid tea type whose strong, very sweet fragrance will enthrall the olfactory senses of any person fortunate enough to happen across your garden. An overall full plant, Chantilly Cream's double flowers create an old-fashioned look, and the bush is nice and vigorous. Despite the bloom coloring being on the light side, this rose stands up to the heat of the summer sun, and its hues are long lasting. It also features very strong resistance to such diseases as rose rust, downy mildew and powdery mildew. Full Sun, Partial Shade. Height/Habit: 18 - 60 inches. Spread: 24 - 60 inches.

"Claire Austin" English Climbing Rose - David Austin Roses

This vigorous, upright rose makes a very good climber in both beauty and performance. It bears pleasingly cupped, pale lemon buds which gradually open to large, creamy white flowers, the outer petals perfectly arranged in concentric circles. Full Sunlight to Partial Sunlight. All soil types. Grows to climb up to 12 feet. 

David Austin Roses "Carding Mill"

The blooms are a beautiful blend of pink, apricot and yellow, giving the overall impression of orange. They have a lovely myrrh fragrance. It forms a bushy, rounded shrub with quite straight stems.

"Crown Princess Margareta®" English Climbing Rose - David Austin Roses

A vigorous climber, bearing neat, fragrant, apricot-orange rosettes. They are produced with exceptional freedom and regularity. Full sunlight to partial sunlight. All soil types. Grows to climb up to 12 feet. 

"Dick Clark" - Weeks Roses

Black-red buds spiral open to show off swirls of cream edged & washed with vibrant cherry pink. But that's not the end of the exhibit on these classically-formed fragrant flowers. When the sun strikes the petals, they begin to blush burgundy, finishing as a deep dark red. Put all this color against super-shiny-green foliage with nice long cutting stems and you've got a killer combo. Easy to grow & great vigor. Largest flower size in cooler temps. Medium-tall. Growth Habit: Broadly rounded, bushy. Plant Height: 5' to 5½'. Plant Width: 3' to 4'.

"Easy Going™" - Weeks Roses

If you thought life was good when we brought you Livin' Easy, you'll need to buy an extra hammock to deal with Easy Going. It's just like 'Mom' in every way except color…same glossy foliage, same great flower power, same bushy habit, same great disease resistance. But one color gene has inexplicably dropped out (a 'sport') to give even brighter green foliage and a delectable peachy golden yellow color that holds to the very end. Scrumptious! Consistent in every climate. Great in mass plantings. Rounded, bushy. Plant Height: 35 inches to 5 feet. Plant Width: 2 feet.

"Easy Spirit™" - Weeks Roses

Experience the feeling of freedom that comes from the purity of the classy white large flowers with a cream base of Easy Spirit. The perfectly formed buds and flowers hold their beauty throughout the life of the flower, making them great for enjoyment as a bouquet. As a member of the tough as nails Easy-To-Love rose collection, you know you can expect 'NATURAL DISEASE RESISTANCE'. Across the USA, from East to West and North to South, Easy Spirit has shown strong resilience to rose diseases. That means you will be feeling very relaxed and stress-free as you won't have to work hard to express the full blooming potential and create an impact in the garden. The upright compact plant with clean glossy green foliage is the ideal backdrop to the non-burning & long-lasting cream flowers. Now seize the day and see life on the brighter side - the Easy Spirit side! Growth Habit: Upright.

"Fun in the Sun™" - Weeks Roses

This new Grandiflora maintains its color to the end and provides a delightfully fruity scent, inviting butterflies and other pollinators to the garden. It's a true English-style rose that contains 60-85 petals in each of its 3-4" flower heads, appearing in clusters of 5 or 6 blooms per stem. True to its name, Fun in the Sun thrives in full sun with thorough watering early in the day. It's perfect for bringing a sophisticated ambiance to border gardens. We love it as an eye-catching focal point in bouquets and vases, too. 

"Golden Opportunity™" Climbing Rose - Weeks Roses

Your garden will reach new heights with this new climbing rose. Each 3.5-4" flower head contains 35-45 petals and gives off a deliciously fruity scent that attracts butterflies and other pollinators. Its vine-like stems and foliage can take this beautiful rose to heights of over 10' tall. Plant Golden Opportunity wherever you'd like to add vertical interest. Try it on sunny patios and pergolas, or add it to border gardens. The roses make a charming addition to cut flower arrangements, too. 

"Golden Showers" Climbing Rose - Star Roses

Popular yellow climber has bright yellow-gold flowers with honey-like fragrance, blooming spring through fall on robust plants. Full sun. Grows to climb 10-12'.

"In Your Eyes®" Climbing Rose - Weeks Roses

These are not your average shrub rose blooms. Once considered its own genus, the Persian rose is a tough desert native with a distinctive halo around the center of the bloom, a characteristic it passed down to In Your Eyes® hulthemia roses. Thanks to this parentage, the In Your Eyes® rose is also diamond-tough, disease-resistant, and wildly prolific. You'll get big clusters of blooms in sophisticated pastel shades. The flower actually starts cream–yellow with a red eye and matures to lavender with a purple eye, but as each bloom appears and matures in its own time, the clusters will be fascinatingly multi-colored from spring to fall. In Your Eyes® shrub rose also boasts a fragrance that is mild and fruity. Full Sun, Partial Shade. Height/Habit: 6 - 8 feet. Spread: 24 - 36 inches.

"Julia Child" - Weeks Roses

Just before our wonderful American icon left us, she selected this exceptional rose to bear her name. Julia loved the even butter gold color & the licorice candy fragrance. Yet it wasn't just the old-fashioned blooms that inspired the recipe. The perfectly rounded habit, super glossy leaves & great disease resistance finish off the dish. An awesome AARS award winner—a right & proper honor for a dear friend. Consistent, hardy & floriferous in all climates. Very disease resistant. Growth Habit: Very rounded, bushy. Plant Height: 26 to 31 inches. Plant Width: 20 to 26 inches.

"Ketchup & Mustard™" - Weeks Roses

Slap a layer of the brightest red onto a backside of darkest yellow & set it atop the greeniest glossiest leaves. Better yet, the flowers hold on to their attention-getting tones to the very end…dropping from the well-behaved rounded plant just in time to welcome the next round of abundant bloom. Tidy enough to tuck into a landscape, lend an accent to a container or top a rose tree. No buns or weenies required. Best flower size in cooler conditions. Bold & beautiful! Growth Habit: Rounded, bushy. Plant Height: 35 to 47 inches.

"Lady in Red™" Climbing Rose - Weeks Roses

Care to dance? Cause 'Lady in Red...she's dancing with me'.. with her long climbing arms. Don't worry, she won't invade your dancing space as the plant is well contained and more compact than many Climbers. The lady was born and raised in the USA, with her flowers bearing the true classic AMERICAN red coloration. That means no hues of pink or blue all the way to the end of the flower's life. The large ruffled old-fashioned blossoms will take your breath away and falling in love with this lady is the only possible outcome. Are you ready to dance the night away? You better be because the vigorous plant generates bounteous flowers just waiting for a dance partner. Plant Habit: Long canes of 8-10 feet. Growth Habit: Climbing & spreading.

"Life of the Party™" - Weeks Roses

This floribunda has a seemingly endless production of petal-packed, fruit-scented flowers that will perfume your garden and please your senses for months on end. Two or three days after opening, Life of the Party™ Rose bush's clusters of old-fashioned double blooms will proceed to add a blush of pink to their yellow hue. Each sumptuous flower is filled with 55 to 65 petals. The dark, dense foliage allows Life of the Party™ Rose to serve as a great low hedge. With its rounded, compact, and upright form, it adds life to small spaces and containers. This vigorous, English-style floribunda thrives in hot, dry climates and has good disease resistance. Life of the Party™ Floribunda Rose will make a fantastic and festive addition to any garden. Full Sun, Partial Shade. Height/Habit: 36 - 48 inches. Spread: 24 - 36 inches.

"Life's Little Pleasures™" Miniature Rose - Weeks Roses

Make sure to take time to find enjoyment in Life’s Little Pleasures. Very double blooms of lavender pink, fade to lavender but then hold their color to the very end. An abundance of blooms, with excellent bud and flower form, sit atop a well rounded shrub with a compact habit. Height: 2-3ft. Width: 1-2ft.

"Livin' Easy™" -  Weeks Roses

All you have to do is just stick it in the ground, give it a little water, kick back and watch it grow. The foliage is so glossy green and free from black spot that the bush looks great even without flowers. But you won't have much of an opportunity to see just leaves 'cause it blooms up a storm. Scrumptious flowers of showy apricot orange will light up your landscape. Very consistent in all climates. Great in the landscape or in mass plantings. Growth Habit: Rounded, bushy.
Plant Height: 30 inches to 5 feet. Plant Width: 2 to 6 feet.

"Love at First Sight™" Hybrid Tea Rose - Weeks Roses

This is the hybrid tea for smaller gardens and patio planters. While most reach about 5–6' tall, this one stops at about 3' tall. The flower form follows a growing trend in modern European rose gardens—the ball–shaped bud opens into a less–pointed bloom than the typical high–centered hybrid tea bloom. It's a little more rounded, and the extra curve is striking. This style is still very new in American gardens. Subtle bicoloring—red on the front of each petal that pales on the reverse—further enhances the rare shape. You'll be proud of your elegant fresh bouquets. Love at First Sight™ is a modern, improved cultivar, and its much cleaner foliage makes it especially disease resistant. That includes resistance to black spot—the disease rosarians detest. The blooms also carry a slight perfume and attract beneficial pollinators through summer. Full Sun, Partial Shade. Height/Habit: 36 - 42 inches. Spread: 36 - 48 inches.

"Love Song™" - Weeks Roses

Loads of big beautiful blooms can nearly cover this sultry siren. Her profusion of pulchritude is only matched by the surprising duration of the display. Those lovely lavender old-fashioned flowers just seem to last and last...without turning a lurid gray. Underneath all that beauteousness is a bushy rounded plant clothed with great rich green leaves. But you may have to dig to find 'em. Go ahead …bury your face in those beautiful clusters and burst into song. It'll be love at first sight. Largest flower size in cool temps. Growth Habit: Very rounded, bushy. Plant Height: 35 to 47 inches.

"Oklahoma" - Hybrid Tea Rose - Weeks Roses

You might not expect the Sooner sister of Mister Lincoln to have such a dusky dark red color. But yes, she does have the same delicious scent. This most known of the black-reds produces big buds and graceful flowers on a bushy plant beset with large leaves. Darkest color & best performance with some heat. Growth Habit: Bushy. Plant Height: 4' to 8'. Plant Width: up to 4'.

"Munstead Wood" English Shrub Rose - David Austin Roses

Light crimson buds gradually open to reveal very deep velvety crimson blooms. The flowers are large cups at first, becoming shallowly cupped with time. There is a strong Old Rose fragrance with warm, fruity notes of blackberry, blueberry and damson. Full sunlight. All soil types. 3ft tall. 3.5 ft wide.

"Oregold" Hybrid Tea Rose - Weeks Roses

Whether it's named for the metal or the beautiful State is hard to say. But, no matter what, the lasting deep yellow color of the big pointed buds and large finely-formed flowers is certainly a beauty to behold. The glossy ­polished dark green leaves make the blooms sparkle all the more. Cool conditions improve color & size. Growth Habit: Upright. Plant Height: 5' to 6' 7". Plant Width: 4'.

"Painted Porcelain" Hybrid Tea Rose - Weeks Roses

Add a dash of sophistication and a blush of color to your cottage garden, rose bed or flower border with this elegant variety. Its lovely buds unfurl to release classically shaped, 3½–4" blooms with 25 to 30 petals apiece and enough sweet fragrance to attract butterflies and other pollinators. Each flower has a butter-yellow centre, a white base and light pink outer petals, giving it the look of delicate, hand-painted porcelain. This is an upright, moderately spreading rose with attractive, dark green foliage. Offers good resistance to powdery mildew and rust fungus. Full Sun, Partial Shade. Height/Habit: 42 - 60 inches. Spread: 36 - 48 inches.

"Perfume Factory™" Hybrid Tea Rose - Weeks Roses

If you love tea roses, you'll just adore Perfume Factory! This aromatic superstar emerges in early summer with large, magenta-plum blooms that are simply sublime. Flowers with great substance reach 4" across and boast layers of soft petals and a strong spicy-fruity scent. The bushy, upright plants are perfect for creating a perfumed walkway or adding bold color to sunny borders. Excellent resistance to powdery mildew and rust. Full Sun. Height/Habit: 42 - 66 inches. Spread: 24 - 36 inches.

"Pope John Paul II" Hybrid Tea Rose - Weeks Roses

Among the finest, most fragrant white roses of all time, this exceptional Hybrid Tea has received top ratings for vigorous growth, bushy full habit, disease resistance, abundance of flower & perfect flower form. The Pope John Paul II rose produces large & luminous pure white blossoms with a delightful, fresh citrus fragrance. The lavishly petaled flowers shine against the abundance of dark green foliage. Comments: Larger flower size in the cool spring. More pink in cooler conditions. Growth Habit: Very upright, bushy. Plant Height: 4' to 5'.

"Queen Elizabeth" - Weeks Roses & Star Roses

You would be hard pressed to find any better rose to carry the name of England's beloved monarch than this American turning-point in roses. This first and finest Grandiflora adorns gardens all over the world with a profusion of pleasing pink buds and large blooms on long-stemmed clusters. Proven consistent performer. Lots of color. Growth Habit: Upright. Plant Height: 5 to 10 feet. Plant Width: 1.5 to 3 feet.

"Queen of Sweden" English Shrub Rose - David Austin Roses

Exquisite little buds open to half-enclosed cups, eventually becoming wide, shallow, upward-facing cups of pleasing formality. The color begins as soft-apricot pink, gradually changing to pure soft pink over time. There is a lovely myrrh fragrance. Full sunlight, partial sunlight. All soil types. 5ft tall. 3 ft wide. 

"R. Rugosa Alba" Rugosa Rose - David Austin Roses

Single, white flowers of silky texture with a strong Old Rose fragrance. These are quickly followed by exceptionally large, orange-red hips that ripen together with the last of its blooms. It forms a vigorous, spreading shrub. Full sunlight, partial sunlight. All soil types. 4ft x 4ft.

"Raspberry Rugostar" Rugosa Rose - David Austin Roses

A true groundcover version of the popular Rugosa variety, Raspberry Rugostar’s deep pink blooms cover this very prostrate plant, beginning in June and lasting throughout the warmer months. A delightful, light clove fragrance fills the air to enhance the appeal of this disease-resistant rose. 2'-3' x 3'-4'

"Scentimental™" - Weeks Roses

You might think stripes are a new-fangled thing. But it's the old rose heritage that brings the genetic striping to this spicy scented new-comer. Each petal is as unique as a snowflake—some more burgundy-splashed-white, some more cream-swirled-red—all on the same vigorous plant. The old-fashioned form & fragrance may remind you of its stingy blooming ancestors. Yet the nearly continuous number of blossoms lets you know there's modern kinfolk in there, too. Distinctive clean quilted foliage. Best color & size in moderate temps. Perfect for potpourri. Growth Habit: Rounded. Plant Height: 35 to 47 inches. Plant Width: 31 to 43 inches.

"Silver Lining™" - Weeks Roses

The glamour of the silver screen comes to life in this modern rose. This 2021 introduction has a mild tea fragrance and a classical shape. Silver Lining blossoms throughout the summer and into early fall, producing glamorous, spiraled silver-lavender blooms. Its bushy, deep green foliage maintains a stunning glossiness and a moderate spread. This floribunda offers good disease resistance and attracts pollinators and butterflies. A new rose with classic beauty, Silver Lining is perfect for adding to a new or established rose garden, or for including a touch of romance to a sunny border or bed. Full Sun, Partial Shade. Height/Habit: 36 - 48 inches. Spread: 24 - 36 inches.

"State of Grace™" - Weeks Roses

As the name describes, the transition from bud to bloom is seamless here, the flowers staying elegant throughout. The coloring is very elaborate, too. Bronzy pink outer petals stretch to reveal a gorgeous golden center, all hues blending together into a nice, soft tone. As a grandiflora, it'll produce 3-4 of these nice large flowers in a cluster. They'll be accompanied by a moderate fruit fragrance, and tons of the neighborhood butterflies. Excellent downy and powdery mildew resistance, and good all-around disease resistance. The habit is uniform, compact and rounded with flowers tidily blooming and reblooming on top. Full Sun. Height/Habit: 4 - 5 feet. Spread: 4 - 5 feet.

"Sweet Spirit™" - Star Roses

Sweet Spirit™ has a fully double, traditional hybrid tea rose bloom with a strong, sweet fragrance. It grows well in hot, humid climates. A breakthrough combining fragrance and disease resistance on a Grandiflora Plant, it is a wonderful rose for cutting. Full sun. Rounded, Bushy, 3–4' h x 3' w.

"Teasing Georgia®" English Climbing Rose - David Austin Roses

A particularly free-flowering climber, producing impressive displays of blooms into fall. The refined rosette flowers are rich yellow at the center, fading to palest yellow on the edges. Full sunlight. All soil types. Grows to climb 12 ft tall.

"Tess of the D'Urbervilles®" English Climbing Rose - David Austin Roses

A striking climber bearing large, deeply cupped, bright crimson-red blooms, with a pleasing Old Rose fragrance. It is a relatively compact climber clothed in large, dark green leaves. Full sunlight. All soil types. Grows to climb 8 ft.

"Thomas À Becket™" English Shrub Rose - David Austin Roses

A rose of similar character to the Species Roses, with natural, shrubby growth. The informal rosette flowers are a striking crimson-red. Held in medium-large sized heads, they nod attractively on their stems. The Old Rose fragrance has a distinct lemon zest character. Full sun, partial sun. All soil types. 5ft tall. 4 ft wide.

"Tropicana" Hybrid Tea Rose - Weeks Roses

Tropicana carries a terrific reputation that still flourishes worldwide. Large shapely blossoms ­illuminate the garden with warm colors and fruity fragrance. Big pointed buds are borne on long stems clothed with glossy green foliage. Best performance east of the Rockies. Growth Habit: Spreading. Plant Height42" to 6'. Plant Width42" to 6'.

"Twilight Zone" - Weeks Roses

Big fat buds open to very double old-fashioned flowers of deep velvet purple overlaid with a wisp of smoke…a purple haze for the garden. Strongly scented with a combination of clove & lemony citrus blossom. Deep green leaves cover the plant & compliment the remarkably-colored flowers. Tempting mysterious tones, seductive fragrance and old-fashioned form…it's a winner! More purple in moderate temps. Growth Habit: Slightly spreading, rounded.
Plant Height: 30 to 35 inches.

"Violet's Pride™" - Weeks Roses

The popular Downton Abbey character Lady Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham, is a fierce woman who always cares for and protects her family. Inspired by the iconic shades of Lady Violet's lavender dresses, the rose Violet's Pride is even more exquisite with a magenta-colored heart on the inner petals. Just as Lady Violet is known for her traditional upper-class values, Violet's Pride undeniably belongs to the aristocracy of the rose world with dense foliage, resilience from diseases and a sophisticated grapefruit and fruit-like fragrance worthy of any noblewoman. As Lady Violet was particularly proud of her garden for producing Best in Show blossoms, the prolific blooming rose Violet's Pride generates some of the most elegant buds and flowers that are worthy of first prize. The flowers are held proudly on top of a vigorous and even rounded bush. Growth Habit: Rounded & bushy.

"Wollerton Old Hall" English Climbing Rose - David Austin Roses

A wonderfully fragrant climber – its strong, warm myrrh fragrance has intense hints of citrus. The buds have attractive flashes of red, open to beautifully rounded, chalice-shaped blooms of pale apricot, eventually paling to cream. Full sunlight, partial sunlight. All soil types. Grows to climb 12 ft. 

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