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20 Reasons We Love Trees!

  1. Did you know just one acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen? This is enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people. (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
  2. What better way to mark the seasons—just look out your window.
  3. Trees heal. Studies show that patients with views of trees out their windows heal faster with fewer complications.  And exposure to trees & nature aids concentration by reducing mental fatigue. (
  4. In one study, 98% of realtors believed that mature trees have a “strong or moderate impact” on the salability of homes listed for over $250,000. (Arbor National Mortgage & American Forests)
  5. An apple tree can yield up to 15-20 bushels of fruit per year and can be planted on the tiniest urban lot. Birds and wildlife can also enjoy the fruits of your labor. (
  6. More trees can equal less stress. Visual exposure to settings with trees has produced significant recovery from stress within five minutes, as indicated by changes in blood pressure and muscle tension. (Dr. Roger S. Ulrich, Texas A&M University)
  7. The net cooling effect of a young, healthy tree is equivalent to 10 room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day. (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
  8. One 12” caliper (trunk diameter) Sugar Maple can remove 5200mg of lead from the air in one year. (University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture)
  9. Trees store water when it rains, reducing urban runoff & erosion & breaking the force of rain as it falls. 100 mature trees can reduce rainfall runoff by up to 100,000 gallons. (USDA Forest Service)
  10. When trees reduce runoff, they are reducing the amount of sediment and chemicals transported into streams. (USDA Forest Service)
  11. As a stimulus to economic development, trees can actually attract new business and tourism. Commercial retail areas with trees are more attractive to shoppers, apartments with trees rent more quickly, tenants stay longer, and space in a wooded setting is more valuable to sell or rent. (The Arbor Day Foundation)
  12. A mature tree can have an appraised value of $1,000 to $10,000. (Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers)
  13. Trees create a lasting memory. Mark a special occasion or honor a friend or loved one by planting a tree. You can plant one at home or donate to programs that plant trees in national forests destroyed by fire. As the trees grow and prosper, so does the meaning behind them.
  14. “They are beautiful in their peace; they are wise in their silence. They will stand after we are dust. They teach us and we tend them.” (Galeain ip Altiem MacDunelmor)
  15. A well-placed row of trees and shrubs can reduce urban noise by 3 to 5 decibels, while wide, dense belts of mature trees can reduce noise by twice that amount, which would be comparable to noise reduction from effective highway barriers. (
  16. Shade from trees slows water evaporation from thirsty lawns. Most newly planted trees need only 15 gallons of water a week. As trees transpire, they increase atmospheric moisture. (
  17. An air conditioning unit operating in the shade of a tree or shrub uses as much as 10% less electricity than the same one operating in the sun. (U.S. Department of Energy)
  18. Shaded parking lots keep automobiles cooler, reducing emissions from fuel tanks and engines. (U.S. Forest Service)
  19. Aren’t some of your best childhood memories associated with trees? Never thought about it? Climbing trees, tree forts, naps in the shade, hide and seek, tree swings, the perfect spot for picnics and so much more. Be a kid at heart and pass on the fun to your kids.
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Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry Clump

Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Eastern Redbud